I received your book and it is a delight. It's so meticulous. Thank you for this memento ... Madeleine Stowe

Guide book STILL Available - Free Downloads Only! In COLOR!

The Long & Winding Road ... Or, What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been ... Or, What The Hell Did We Do To Deserve This?

... A Chronicle Of On The Trail

~~~~ the briefing ~~~~

History ... The Last of the Mohicans invariably leads one to history ... and, as such, it has done so with this Web Site. We headed down that path, compiling our own, fairly comprehensive, History Section - Fort William Henry, Colonel Monro, Marquis de Montcalm ... it's all there, plus a whole lot more. Throughout the rest, we have a history of the filming process, the locations guide book, and more. But, what of this place? What have been the "main" events of the Web Site's ... On the Trail of the Last of the Mohicans - lifespan? Has it been a simple case of putting together html pages & then ftp'ing them to a web server for all the World to view? Just sitting back and marveling at our accomplishments? Guess again! In our proposed, but now on hold, Companion Guide, we have many sections devoted to just that ... the various phases that have defined our Web Site existence - in a most humorous format. Here, we've simply put together a bit of a timeline, highlighting the high, & low, lights. It's basically brief, objective, and features very little commentary ... straightforward, in other words.  Lessons learned; experience gained. We'll leave most all the gory details for another time & forum ...

~~~~ the timeline ~~~~


  • in the beginning, we used to actually "purge" the message board, as advertised. Consequently, much is missing in the earlier days ... some chit-chat [even some really good stuff, unfortunately], most all negativity, etc. If you were to re-read the older archives, you would notice a certain lack of continuity and might wonder, What's all the commotion about?"

  • in many cases, E-mail correspondence added to the fray!

  • there is no intention here to open old wounds or to rekindle old feuds ... it's just a chronology of events that shaped the ebb & flow of an Internet community

  late-March 1997 ... domain name is established

  late-April 1997 ... original web site, all 6 "pages" worth, hits the airwaves!

  May 13, 1997 ... first contribution from cast & crew ... Soldier #1posts - [due to an early server error, the first several original posts were deleted from the message directory, however, post subjects are visible on the 1997 Board index] This would be followed, in rather rapid succession, by Soldier #2, Connie Boyer [of the make-up department], Mark A. Baker, Noel T. Manning ... and many others.

  October 4, 1997 ... the director's cut seed is planted by Myrrh - see: re: lotm vs rhps...or another idea

October 13, 1997 ... the Moheckies "officially" pass the torch - see: moheckies

October 23, 1997 ... Soldier #2 gives birth ... to a Mohican Day - see: to my new family: thank you - or, could it really have been a seed planted a bit earlier by Kiki? - see: lotm vs the rocky horror picture show

November 16 - 22, 1997 ... Nirvana gone forever ... our first fight [rats!] - see: re: on the subject of troublesome lines

Somewhere in time ... about this same period, Soldier #1, late at night, makes a rambling, obscene post [deleted] inadvertently adding to the fray ... reality definitely sets in! - see: response to heat

November 19, 1997 ... a recurring theme: to close, or not to close, the board - see:  apology accepted

Somewhere in time II ... Francois, a chef by trade, and a huge Cooper buff, bursts upon the scene denigrating "you people" and generally pissing everybody off - thread no longer exists.

December 3, 1997 ... Mohican Gathering named - see: a mohican gathering? first chat

December 3, 1997 ... Burned by Energia ... first flame ... [case in point for an E-mail encouraged war ... your friendly site host accused of being a racist!] - see: re: read all responses and respectfully add mine

December 4, 1997 ... Good comes of bad ... a challenge by Carin - see: re: naseumhistory_forwardpass.jpg (128056 bytes)

December 7, 1997 ... Director's Cut Drive results ... and more - see: news on the director's cut and click on image at right ------>

December 17 - 18, 1997 ... the SYMT/GGGG war rages ... an innocent post by Chris; egged on by Marcia ... the rest is history [see, we told you this was about history!] - see: re: ? cut off and the threads immediately above!

Marcia, what a gal! You're a real trooper! Unfortunately,
I just got a phone call from Dublin...Dan the Man can't
make it, but he's sending one of his relatives over to fill
in for him ...Dweebie Day-Lewis. He's a dead ringer for
Wally Cox, and since he's kind of frail, he can't quite
manage Killdeer...I believe he carries a bb gun which
he has nicknamed "Chipmunk Wounder." I think you
two will be a match made in movie heaven! ... pre-Doctor Mary ...12/17/97

December 1997 - January 1998 ... we pursue big game for an interview, and end up with much more ... the Eric Schweig Gallery! ... the interview was done on February 1 & 2, 1998 - see: eric schweig: an interview

I spoke with Eric and he is interested in working with you on this!! I'll give it a shot at sending the picture [of a mask] to you.
Please let me know if you recieve [sic] it ... Eric's agent, Jan. 06, 1998
P.S....I'm very happy, this is the only thing he's been interested in for a long time, this is very good ... Eric's agent, Jan 07, 1998
Anyhow, I just spoke to Eric, and we both agreed that you guys would be best and we would keep it "excluive" [sic] to you. It is my personal feeling that your web page is one done for the love of it, and I think it will be easier for all concerned to just give out your web site #. Also we have many many magazines from Germany who want to do article on ES, I don't have the time!, they also would buy the mask, today, during an extrememly [sic] busy day I have had 3 calls to buy the mask....I need this like a hole in the head, so I will refer them to you. Better to keep everthing [sic] in a small circle ... Eric's agent, Jan. 08, 1998

January 25, 1998 ... the Gathering T-shirts; idea presented by Lynn - see: the gathering and other such stuff

March 19, 1998 ... the return of an old nemesis, or, things can be different the second time around - see: re: do you remember francois?

March 22, 1998 ... the second coming of a Director's Cut Drive!?- see: treachery ... a plea ...history_mohican2.jpg (47175 bytes) long stuff ... stowe ... & boardshistory_mohican1.jpg (179370 bytes)

April 6, 1998 ... *sigh* ... legalities begin ... a Mohican tribal lawyer questions our use of the word "Mohican" - needless to say, we won out in the end ... letter at right [2 pages] ---->

April 7, 1998 ... there's no evidence remaining in the archives [remember, we used to heavily "cull"] that anything even took place, but, something did and it wasn't pretty! Resulted in the desertion of a regular poster ... see: a little levity

June 20 - 21, 1998 ... The First Annual Great Mohican Gathering becomes reality! see: the great mohican gathering of 1998

September 7, 1998 ... the second D.C. drive finally launched - see: new director's cut drive begins

Jo, sorry to say, but your buckskin DC letter finished in a tie for first place - as most creative letter - with one on a burned parchment that was kind of nice ... Rich, upon drive's completion ... 12/13/98

October 29, 1998 ... we interview Maurice Roeves - see: maurice roeves: a heart-to-heart withhistory_bia2.jpg (114927 bytes) col. munrohistory_bia1.jpg (158140 bytes)

  October 30, 1998 .. the B. I. A.  puts it in writing - they were much more pointed in an earlier phone call!  Letter at right [2 pages] ----->

our response

November 13, 1998 ... following the call of the masses, we embarked on a short-lived experiment with maintaining 2 "Mohican Boards" ... the original, for posts directly related to the Board's guidelines, and a new, role-playing version, called, "Mohican Colony Muses" ... it didn't work out; both boards suffered, the parts not equaling the whole. We think there's an important lesson in there ...

December 6, 1998 ... another Mohicanland resident forced to leave the settlement - see: mohicanland suffers a loss ...

December 14, 1998 ... expansionism! A new Web Site! - see: against all odds

~~~~ and, that's the first 2 years, highlighted ... more to come: fan club, porn links, more interviews & gatherings, cgi rip-off, and other exciting escapades! ~~~~
Thanks go to all those early posters & gatherers for making the light shine!

for the next 2 years, see: ON THE TRAIL CHRONICLE ... Part 2


The COMPANION GUIDE ... On-Line Edition



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