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THE SCRIPT ... The Complete Collection of Scenes From the Film

This section of the site contains the March 1991 revised script from THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS in its entirety. You will notice that there are distinct changes, in spots, from what appeared in the released film. It should, though, clear up the sporadic lack of clarity and enable you to better decipher the dialogue, along with providing to you some insight into what the film-makers may have had in mind. To browse this section, keep in mind it is set up as a book ... each scene has a link to the next. To break this pattern, click on the Return To Menu button. That will take you back here. Click the Home Page button to return to the full menu of pages contained within this site.

PLEASE NOTE: All material in this script that appears in the DVD edition is written in RED! As in the theatrical release, some of the dialogue and action differ.

Now that we have completed the entire script, we will be adding - again, over time (yeah, we know ... a LONG time!) - a new feature. Every scene from the movie that has a corresponding scene in the novel will be linked to a page that contains Cooper's text - condensed as necessary - as it relates to that scene. The changes and similarities will then become vividly apparent! Keep in mind, the film, in many ways, has Cora & Alice in role reversals ...

Note: These excerpts are taken verbatim from the actual script. Any errors (unless they are our typos) are contained in the script.

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