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Very often, we are asked by visitors, "How can I get the Mohicans theme?" Craving those sound files for your own system? You can now freely obtain any of the clips we use on this Web Site! Click on the file(s) of your choice to retrieve them to your hard drive! The files vary in length, from a mere 2KB to well over four full MB, and could take some time to download. Be patient! All are in .wav format except for the LOTM theme which is available in both .wav AND .mid formats, one tune from Wes Studi's Firecat of Discord, Full Moon on the Danceground, which is in the .mp2 format, and Dougie MacLean's The Gael, in .mp3.

Fircat of Discord & Dougie MacLean selections used by permission!

To hear a sound clip: Simply left click on the file name. They are arranged, more or less, by speaker.

Now, again by popular demand, we add the ENTIRE March '91 version of the Script in both text & .pdf formats. Once downloaded, you can edit as you wish (.txt only!).

Additional sound clips NOT found elsewhere on the Web Site!

Thanks to Bruce Davis & Joy Landry!

To Download: Right click on the file of your choice. Choose "Save File Link" from the menu (Depending on your browser, this may read slightly differently). Save in the directory you wish the file to reside in on your computer.

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        File Name         Date      Description


adventur.wav       09/17/1998  What An Adventure! - Alice - 52KB 

greatspt.wav   09/17/1998  Great Spirit - Chingachgook - 301KB 

hack.wav   08/28/1999  Hack It Out Of The Wilderness - Cora - 151KB 

stranger.wav   09/20/1998  They Stay As They Lay - Cora & Hawkeye - 1,204KB 

stirring.wav   10/27/1998  More Deeply Stirring - Cora & Hawkeye - 533KB 

you.wav   10/27/1998  I'm Looking At You, Miss - Cora & Hawkeye - 179KB 

ritehere.wav   08/28/1999  Right Here - Cora & Hawkeye - 183KB 

brithand.wav   08/28/1999  I'll Have You Hanged - Duncan - 63KB 

notatall.wav   08/28/1999  Matter Not At All - Duncan - 152KB 

takeher.wav   08/28/1999  My Compliments, Sir - Duncan - 51KB 

cantuck2.wav   09/26/1998  Headin' West To Can-tuck-ee - Duncan & Hawkeye - 561KB 

disagree.wav   09/20/1998  Serious Disagreement - Duncan & Hawkeye - 461KB 

duty.wav   10/31/1998  Eyes Fixed On Your Duty - Duncan &  Munro - 430KB 

nosense.wav   09/17/1998  A Breed Apart - Hawkeye - 117KB 

dropin.wav   08/28/1999  Just Dropped In - Hawkeye - 46KB 

holdhand.wav   08/28/1999  Holding Hands With Miss Munro - Hawkeye - 40KB 

scout.wav   08/28/1999  I Ain't Your Scout - Hawkeye - 150KB 

aim.wav   08/28/1999  In Case Your Aim's - Hawkeye - 47KB 

carabine.wav   08/28/1999  La Longue Carabine - Hawkeye - 108KB 

findyou.wav   09/17/1998  I Will Find You! - Hawkeye - 412KB 

scalp.wav   09/17/1998  With Your Own Scalp - Hawkeye - 55KB 

absolute.wav   08/28/1999  Absolutism - Jack - 123KB 

word.wav   10/13/1998  Word's Good On This Frontier - Jack - 63K 

reason.wav   08/28/1999  Better Reason Than You - Jack & Hawkeye - 148KB 

hatchet.wav   08/28/1999  Color With Blood - Magua - 196KB 

magsaid.wav   08/28/1999  Understand English - Magua - 89KB 

seed.wav   09/20/1998  Magua Will Eat His Heart - Montcalm & Magua - 657KB 

honor.wav   08/28/1999  Death & Honor - Munro - 172KB 

guilty.wav   08/28/1999  Guilty Of Sedition - Munro - 96KB 

people.wav   08/28/1999  Family Out There - Uncas - 89KB 

old.wav   10/13/1998  Old Too Fast - Uncas - 101K 

latinate.wav   01/11/2000  Make Love With Their Faces - Webb - 249KB 

fiddle.wav   11/22/1998  The Kiss/Cliffs Fiddle Theme - 711KB 

clannad2.wav   10/28/1998  I Will Find You - Clannad - 899KB 

theme2.wav   09/20/1998  LOTM Theme - 378KB 

mohicans.mid   09/17/1998  LOTM Theme (midi) - 2KB 

mohicans2.mid   05/15/1999  LOTM Theme 2 (midi) - 5KB 

script.txt   10/17/1998  The Complete Script (.txt) - 172KB 

script.pdf 10/08/00 The Complete Illustrated Script (.pdf) - 822KB

Firecat3.mp2   06/05/1999  Sample - Firecat of Discord - 4,206KB 

gael.mp3   11/06/1999  Dougie MacLean's "The Gael" - 2,794KB 


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